Stay Connected By Going Live – Covid 19

It’s becoming a difficult time for humanity, social restrictions in place, cant go anywhere, everywhere is either closed or empty. feels like a ghost town.

With the Covid 19 effecting thousands of us around the world, we just wanted to wish you a message.

With the growing number of people become anxious of being alone during the self isolation period it just shows how important human contact is.

So along with keeping your distance from people and doing your best to stay safe an secure, we ask that you take a second to facetime or video chat with someone who needs it most, and help anyone that need help on streaming as the last thing we want is people getting lonely / depressed during these times.

We are here if you need any help wth going live on your devices and we hope that you are staying safe and sound in this difficult time.

please remember to wash your hands, lets stop this virus for good!

Thank You

Live Team

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